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Welcome to the world of Maine Micro Furnace.  Maine Micro Furnace (MMF) is a patented, new and revolutionary state-of-the-art furnace that will change the way Industrial Scrap is disposed of, lower the cost of steam, heat and electricity and be a significant help in cleaning up the environment.
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It is a well known fact that Industry management faces a serious twofold problem of how to deal with the ever-increasing cost of electricity and scrap management.  Maine Micro Furnace (MMF) offers the solution. Maine Micro Furnace's revolutionary new technology offers a highly effective, fuel efficient and environmentally sensitive furnace that turns black fuel into green technology.  The Maine Micro Furnace will change how we produce electricity, heating, cooling and steam forever.  It is management's answer to a twofold problem for a variety of MMF size ranges in that include Agriculture, Asphalt, Carpet, Desalinization, Paper, Plastic, Polypropylene, Printing, Rubber, Wood and Electric Utility.

To illustrate our point, we borrow the analogy from the Information Processing Industry.  In 1971, few investors could have predicted the massive market shift from mainframes to personal computers.  In a similar manner, Maine Micro Furnace is positioned to do the same for the energy industry worldwide...starting now!  The abandonment of large furnaces (some the size of a building) for smaller and more efficient MMF chambers is analogous to the move from large, remotely located, centralized generating stations to smaller, more efficient distributed generators within large, densely populated load centers.

It is vital to the growth, and even existence, of any company to implement a sound plan to deal with the problems associated with costs of fuel for electric power resources, and those associated with the disposal of scrap materials that have to be safely managed.  Main Micro Furnace is not a futuristic design; it has been designed, it has been tested and it is ready for implementation. Now, it is up to you, the industry managers, to take the initiative in the progression from large furnaces to the Maine Micro Furnace.  Just as we transitioned from mainframe computers to personal computers not so long ago, this will be a welcomed, beneficial and extremely fruitful transformation. Share in the excitement of this new technology.

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